Annual Report for y/e 30 September 2014 (and update to current position!).




The shop will celebrate its first birthday on 31st March.

We’re grateful to the football Club for providing an interim home for it. Long term the intention is to move it into the renovated school building.

We secured Post Offices services on Tuesday and Thursdays mornings.


We sold 400 copies of our first ever Embo calendar with photos by Alexander Macdonald. This year’s calendar is being planned by Iain Carlton.


Average weekly taking up to year end were £189.

The shop was open for a minimum of 44 hours each week (more during height of summer). These takings are £97 short of the minimum wage for one person.


We have about 30 volunteers involved in the running of the shop. All deserve a medal.


But the figures show that we can only keep the shop going only as long as we have volunteers to man it and run it.

Any ideas for how we can increase the margin will be warmly welcomed.




The school


Surveys were carried out by structural engineers and timber specialists.

The Rev E drawings – on display – were completed in June and used as the basis for the quantity surveyor’s costings.


A Stage 1 application to the Big Lottery fund Growing Community Assets was sent off at end July.


Bank of Scotland Community Award


We won the ballot and were awarded £3000 in December 2013. The original plan had been to create a children’s garden where they could learn to grow things in the school grounds. By the time we won the award we knew the school renovation was a much bigger project than at first thought. Raised beds were purchased from Munro Sawmills in Dingwall and they themselves came down to build the beds just before the snow fell in December 2014.


We hope to be growing later this spring.



Fourpenny Plantation


An application was made to SSE for a £20k grant to buy a slice of Fourpenny to set up runrigs. At the same time an investigation was carried out to look at the feasibility of siting a wind turbine on the site.


Coul Farm Timeous Right to Buy


Application prepared for renewal but on a smaller scale to cover Coul Farm only.





Our accounts are prepared by Mackay & Co of Golspie. These show we held restricted funds of £26129 and unrestricted funds of £6966 at the year end of 30 September 2014.


Our main overheads are Insurance at £834, Accountancy at £1320, Electricity (school) £160 – 200 estimate, Fire extinguisher testing £200 estimate giving a total of £2490 - £2530.


Copies of the Statement of Financial Activities and the Balance Sheet are available to share. A full statement of accounts is available to view.






We now have 85 ordinary members, 2 junior members and 12 associate members across the globe.






Jim McGillivray

Chairman/ Director

Date: March 2015.

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